Keysight E7770A Common Interface Unit

Product introduction


The E7770A Common Interface Unit (CIU) provides a bi-directional intermediate frequency (IF) interface to the device under test by up- or down-converting a sub-6GHz uplink or downlink RF signal into a 6 – 12 GHz IF signal. It also provides control, power and local oscillator frequency input to the M1740A mmWave Transceiver for 5G remote radio heads (RRHs), which up-converts the IF signal to mmWave frequency bands and down-converts the mmWave frequency bands to IF. As an up/down converter and RRH controller, the CIU supports the extension of the frequency coverage from sub-6GHz to high IF (6-12 GHz) and mmWave bands.
The CIU is a key component of a wide range Keysight 5G solutions. These solutions provide the stimulus and analysis capability needed to verify transceiver (Tx) and receiver (Rx) performance of 5G chipsets, devices and base stations.
Users can validate DUT performance Over-the-Air (OTA) with chambers designed for different for different test cases across the device workflow.