Suzhou Jinfan Precision Instrument Technology Co., Ltd is a complete solution service provider for electronic test and measurement instruments. We can supply the comprehensive services such as leasing, maintenance, measuring, recycling and replacement of high-end imported instruments to assist customers to improve the efficiency of test equipment, reduce input cost, optimize product test plans, simplify test equipment management, increase the output and continuously improved the core competitiveness of scientific research and production finally. 

Suzhou Jinfan always adheres to the company culture “Customer-oriented, share each other joys, happy to work and healthy living”. Jinfan insists on the company's main idea of service, centers on the actual needs of customers and constantly optimizes the service model and product upgrades. Jinfan also value each employee and guide all employees to improve the quality of life and realize self-worth through their hard working.

South China Branch Company was established in Shenzhen to develop the business of South China. Jianfan also establish the branch company and office in Delhi India,Hanoi Vietnam, Beijing, Hefei and Chengdu during 2018-2020.

Jinfan introduced innovative models such as rent-to-buy, lease-before-buy, short-term lease, and financial lease, which have been recognized and appreciated by most partners.

The company has established a strict quality management system. The safe and fast packaging and logistics system, a warm and flexible business system, a professional and standard technical service system and an internal administrative and financial management system in line with modern enterprise management will let your choice never regret.